Congratulations to the

University of San Agustin 2015 Alumni Achievement Awardees


Culture and Arts Category: Mr. George C. Canicula (Posthumous)
Education Category: Dr. Erwin S. Sustento
Environment, Science and Technology: Dr. Jonel P. Saludes
Entrepreneurship and Management: Mr. Alfredo P. Javellana II
Engr. John E. Tampo
Law: Judge Marie Yvette Dedel-Go
Medicine and Health Sciences: Dr. Doralyn S. Dalisay
Public and Community Service: Dr. Erlinda G. De Los Reyes
Sports: Mr. Rodolfo P. Gonzales


The Alumni Achievement Award is given by the University of San Agustin to her alumni with  commendable accomplishments and  clear manifestations of the excellence and relevance of Agustinian education; unequivocally demonstrates the outstanding ability of Agustinians to be great, not only at what they do but, more importantly, to be even greater at using their competencies and talents to transform communities and promote the common good.

The Alumni Achievement Award Trophies are exclusively designed and executed

by Jojo Vito Designs Gallery


  1. Congratulations! to all the awardees. It must be an honor to receive and award and recognized.

  2. Receiving an award from your Alma Mater is a great achievement. How I wish to get one, even for the Best PE Teacher.

  3. What great honor to receive an achievement award from one’s own Alma Mater! Congratulations to the awardees!

  4. Congratulations to all the alumni awardees. It is great to see a school that recognizes the achievements of their graduates long after they have left the school.

  5. Aw, it’s nice to recognize their achievements and give them awards for it.

  6. Congratulations to the awardees! I love the design you made for the awards. It’s very classy and detailed.

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